Abstract Format

Format Guidelines for the NCWSS Annual Meeting Abstracts

Visit http://weedscimeetingabstracts.com to submit. It is important that all paper and poster submissions provide an abstract to be published in the Proceedings which will serve as a future reference for the weed science community. Abstracts are not required for the general session or symposia, but they can be submitted if desired by the author or the organizers. Symposia organizers should alert presenters directly if they prefer abstracts to be submitted and included in the Proceedings. Abstracts will be made available prior to the meeting in an ‘unofficial’ Proceedings document. Once the meeting has concluded the ‘official’ Proceedings will be published on the NCWSS website.

Below is a simple list of guidelines authors must follow when submitting abstracts for paper and poster presentations.

  • Limit abstract length to 500 words.
  • Report all units in SI units (metric).
  • Use exponents to express units of measure, e.g. kg ha-1.
  • Do not include references to literature in the abstract.
  • At first mention for each species, use complete scientific names with abbreviated authority, e.g. henbit (Lamium amplexicaule L.)
  • For herbicides, other pesticides, and adjuvants avoid trade names when possible and use common names, e.g. glyphosate.

If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, please contact the NCWSS Proceedings Editor, Joe Wuerffel ([email protected]).